Company profile

Loyalize Fund Management

Loyalize Fund Management Pty Ltd ACN 616 511 589 (Loyalize Fund Management), as an AFSL holder (number 501290), is authorised to act as the trustee of wholesale management investment schemes. As an Australian financial company, Loyalize Fund Management is committed to providing structured financing solutions in respect of the Australian real estate sector. Loyalize Fund Management's current asset management layout includes investing in various residential, commercial, and industrial real estate construction and development projects. Our team has extensive experience in funds management, residential and commercial property development, financing and real estate investment management.

Loyalize Fund Management pursues excellence in serving the ever-increasing investment and financing needs that are not met by the traditional financial institutions. We actively seek new opportunities, weigh up the findings of the industry and dive in where we see the potential for exceptional outcomes.

As at May 2020, the volume of the assets under management by Loyalize Fund Management reached AUD 100 million including 21 first mortgage projects with the highest LVR of 70% and the lowest LVR of 27.27%. The average LVR of the total loan book is currently 53.59%.