Our objective at Loyalize Fund is to allocate and invest into Australian based first and second mortgages as well as bridging Loans. Outside of these investments, the Fund may also decide to hold cash on deposit or use its assets and temporarily invest in high quality debt securities and other cash equivalents in order to provide a wide range of diversification.

The decree of the Fund is to allow for profitable Australian businesses as well as property developers to benefit through the allocation and investment of the Fund’s assets into said companies. The main criteria prevalent in all lending decisions are all grounded on a solid foundation of the fundamentals which cover – financial performance and position, management, sustainability, growth and finally the execution of the project.


Kealba Development Project

27 Driscolls Road, Kealba
The Secured Property is situated at 27 Driscolls Road, Kealba, Victoria.
The development is a proposed re-development of a 6 hectare former school site as a new residential community comprising of townhouses (1, 2 and 3 storey) and low rise apartments (up to 3 storeys) within a landscaped environment. A development yield of around 220 to 240 dwellings in total is targeted subject to approvals.
The contract price of the Secured Property is $24,165,000. A valuation has been undertaken to confirm the value. Based on the contract price of the Secured Property, the loan-to-value ratio is 41.4%.


When investing, regardless of form of investment, there will always be risks that come with the decision. In order to manage and minimise such risks, care and dedication is crucial.

Before investing, you should always consider whether or not the decision to invest in the Fund is in line with your own investment objectives. Potential investors should read the Information Memorandum carefully in order to identify whether or not the risks associated with the investments suitable for one’s own objectives. The Fund Manager highly recommends that professional financial advice is sought after before fully committing to an investment decision. For our detailed risks and management, please refer to the Information Memorandum.



Interested Investors should read and confirm this Information Memorandum carefully before deciding to commit to investing into the Fund. Investors should understand the risks that come with investing into the Fund in its entirety. The minimum initial amount that can be invested into the Fund is AUD $500,000 and rises in increments of AUD$100,000. Lower amount might be acceptable with certain criteria being met and upon investment manager’s discretion.

There are various methods of payment for investments into the Fund. For further details on how to pay, please contact the Fund Manager.

To apply for units of the Fund, please complete the following application form and provide evidence of payment. The completed application form should be emailed or mailed to the Fund Manager.

Adding to your investment

Current investors who wish to increase the amount of money they wish to invest into the Fund can do so by completing an Additional Investment application form. These application forms are available through us by request as well. The minimum investment amount for these forms is AUD $100,000.

In order for investors to make an informed decision before investing, up to date and relevant information can be obtained by contacting us. We can provide investors a copy of any new or supplemental product disclosure statements that have been issued.